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Snap it, Tap it, Live it

Turn every payment into a reason to smile.

Payment Wallets are so black and white, why not give them a splash of colour and personalise them with your passions and interests?

Have fun,
start a conversation,
tell a story.

Images are so much more descriptive than words. Use your phone as a mini-billboard to show your loyalty, affinity, favourite brands.

  • Animate
  • Sound
  • Haptic

Take your payments up a level, make some noise, give them life!

You’re unique in every way.

Let them know it.

Most organisations try and guess who I am…create and define your own personal brand.

See what I mean.

A picture really is worth
a thousand words.

Get your business
ready for Yimba.

Yimba is actively engaged with Banks, Payment Processors, Payment Networks, Digital Wallet providers and Content Creators.

We have programmes and partnership structures to suit each organisation and can work with you on standard or bespoke integrations.

Connect with Yimba in as little as five lines of code!

I want it!